A little about me...

I have been an Graphic Designer my entire life, doing what I love to do, create.

As early as I can remember, I began to draw my favorite cartoon characters, spaceships, and anything that would capture my imagination and challenge my creativity.

Those days seems so long ago. The road I have traveled has been one of great experiences and much wisdom. Through the years, I have worked with some great people and great companies, acquiring a vast knowledge of Print and Web Design techniques along the way.

If you have challenging project, I am the one you can call to get it done... and done right, the first time. I am known as the "Go To Guy!" My experience gives me the speed and creative acumen, that is a comfort to my clients. I am happy to say, I have long standing relationships with my clients.

If there is a project that you need completed on a per project basis, that is not a problem. I have worked as a Consultant and Freelance Artist most of my career. As a talented designer, I have the ability to go into a new situations, figure out the task at hand, and accomplish the objective with outstanding results.

Staff Positions
I also have invaluable experience in working for companies on staff. For example, I worked at GAF as a Art Director/Web Design Specialist for 6 years. As liaison between IT and Marketing, I was responsible for all website content and updates. By redesigning their website in-house, I was able to save the company over $250,000. Other staff positions have provided me with the knowlege of working with others in a corporate and professional environment.

If you are in need of my services, feel free to contact me. No matter how big or small the project may be, have DB as your "Go To Guy!" and we will get it done right... the first time.

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