Model A Fitness was a fitness gym that offered most of the same amenities as the larger chains, but at a fraction of the monthly cost.

A long standing client, I have created all market and promotional materials from the ground up. It began with design a logo, and has blossomed to every conceivable sales and marketing tool imaginable. This includes business signage, light boxes, logo decals, handouts, shake menus, posters, magnetic decals, shake cards, newspaper ads, train station ads, creating and maintaining the company website, and promotional mailers. 

Promotional Mailers
These ads are designed to spark interest and awareness, to new and existing customers, about the latest promotion. They run quarterly and are great sales tools. These mailers have a personal touch by using their clients and trainers in their ads. They are very colorful and eye catching, and are meant to be similar in nature but are unique. They continue to generate positive results by increasing membership numbers with each mailing.

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