Presperse is a supplier to the cosmetics and personal care industry. They distribute specialty raw materials from worldwide sources to various companies to create their own consumer products.
The 8 Presperse Magazine Ads were designed to promote specific product lines and attract a specific target audience. Published in Happi, GCI and C&T magazines. 4 are Model A Fitness Inserts.

Skin CPR Ad 
This ad was designed to attract companies that market the skin revitalization industry. This line of products support the premise "Bring Your Skin Back to Life". The logo and ad I designed had a very natural - Asian / Spa feel to it, which worked perfectly with the photo.

BisMica Ad 
The BisMica line of products are based on vibrant and bold color pigments. The application of the product is specific to the eye and lip area. I created the logo to match a youthful and colorful feel. In combination with the very stylized photos, creates a visually impactful presentation, drawing your eye into the very striking ad.

Happi: 16,500
GCI: 15,130
C&T: 5,386

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