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Duane Belotti

Owner DB Graphic Designs

As early as I can remember, I began to draw my favorite cartoon characters, spaceships, and anything that would capture my imagination and challenge my creativity. Those days seem so long ago. The road I have traveled has been one of great experiences and much wisdom.

Art Director • Graphic Designer • Digital Designer

My Resume

Accomplished designer proficient in both print and digital, with a proven ability to create visual and impactful marketing elements. Experience in diverse industry sectors, including recruiting, technology, marketing, health, medical, beauty, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, insurance and advertising.

PRESS: About DB Graphic Designs – By Molly Smith

Artists come in all shapes and forms. From sculptors to painters, dancers to singers, creative genius comes about in many different ways. For Duane Belotti, the merging of visual and performing arts seemed natural as a graphic designer and musician—it’s design that rocks.




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